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Course A001:  XTC - The Band and Their Music

A history of XTC with specific reference to their recorded material.  

Pre-course requirements:

None.  A knowledge of popular music from the 1970s would be advantageous but not essential

Equipment required: 


Approx. course length

15 hours (3 hours coursework; 12 hours practical)



Course Description:

The tutor presents a history of the band XTC from 1977 to the present day.  An overview of each studio album is given plus the analysis of important individual songs.  The internal band dynamics and the characters of the major band members are evaluated and the band's influence throughout the period and henceforth is discussed.  This is a collaborative course and students are expected to add to its contents in order to achieve a pass.

Completion of the course and matriculation:

Matriculation details coming soon 

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Part 6
Part 7
Part 8